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    Caramel Crush

    Caramel is crystallized into tablets, easy to use for egg pudding, it’s also simple but eye catching decoration for cakes, tiramisu, …Since it’s less bitter, kids can also enjoy it.

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    Caramel Sugar Powder

    Caramelized sugar powder is the result of Liquid Caramel Sugar after going through a modern and rigorous spray drying process in order to achieve a fine powder product to meet the needs of customers.

    It is often used to be sprinkled as a decoration for many desserts such as flan cakes, cappuccinos, etc.

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    Caramel Sugar Syrup

    Caramelized sugar, similarly to Caramel Color syrup, is a thick liquid but still has its inherent sweetness that is not only delicious but also has a beautiful color attracts people to enjoy. It’s often used in drinks, savory dishes, sweet dishes, …to retain the moisture, the softness and enrich the flavor of the dishes.

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    Caramel Color Powder

    Caramel color after strict spray drying process produces a fine powder product, which both retains 100% of the original caramel color and can be used as decorations for many different dishes, so it is very popular nowadays.

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    Caramel Color Syrup

    Caramel color syrup is an additive (coloring agent) for the food processing industry that is usually used to be drizzled on ice cream, cakes, fruit or caramel milk tea, caramel macchiato, coffee, or any other desserts to darken the color and get the desired consistency of food.